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Of Letters and Prayers-On Gandhi Jayanti

Collecting prayers and hymns is a part of many spiritual traditions. On occassion of Gandhi Jayanti we look back at some of the influences on Gandhi and the prayers which made him weave communities. LETTERS Tolstoy’s “Letter to a Hindu” … Continue reading

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Which historiography..In search of the Unknown worker.

Just as every country has a tomb for the unknown soldier, every country should have a tomb for the unknown worker.  As part of exploring “Everyday history” to understand reality of working people in terms of their concrete lived experiences, … Continue reading

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Conversations on Faith and Belief

In the past 6 months (October 2011 to March 2012) I have had some interesting walks and conversations on faith and belief which I would like to share with you. One of my keen readers, my elder son Sagar expresses … Continue reading

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Reflections on our Republic Day

As we finished our weekly multidisciplinary meeting on The Republic day of India (which is also Australia Day) I asked the meaning of “Proletariat” to one of the participants. Being a non-native English speaker he did not know the meaning … Continue reading

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Night bus from Delhi

  Reaching Haridwar in the early morning, and having some peaceful moments at the ghats. This is where generations of Hindus come, in birth, life,  death and after life.   For those who live in the physical plane, the ceremonies … Continue reading

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Music at Benaulim

Guitar at Benaulim-Goa   “Can he play classical music” I asked Ossie sir about his student Sagar, who has been dedicatedly learning the guitar for two years. “He knows the language, the base. Once you know that, you can play … Continue reading

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A wish

Sagar and Sahil making sand mountains at Benaulim beach,Goa Papa, take me back to “Big foot” (The museum of the Alvares family which captures the pristine glory of Goa and has a very well preserved 25o year old house)  where I want to … Continue reading

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