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Walks in Fall.2016

Last June, we went saw an exhibition of Churches of China, located in Mississauga, when we visited Bradley historic house and museum. Following this concept, I went to visit the St.Sava-All Serbian saints church near Dundas-Dixie. Told the people there, … Continue reading

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Walks and meditations around Riverwood-Mississauga

Riverwood has been a place where we go for long walks to reflect and not get caught in the many marketing traps which await new immigrants. Of course, as we tell persons who try to seek justification in their path by forcing it down others throats, thus revealing their insecurities, that there is no one right path, no one standard medicine which will cure all issues, no single dress which will fit everyone for all occasions. Continue reading

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Father’s day Walk

A walk in Kariya-Park, Mississauga, Greater Toronto Area, Ontario, Canada-July 2012 Walking, exploring the nuances and colors of life, has been a family tradition As I remember my father, I recall the many walks we had together Remembering my father, … Continue reading

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Negro Journeys

How does the African Negro relate to the American Negro? This theme has been discussed in essays of James Baldwin and continues to be an interesting theme especially in the context of the February 17 revolution in Libya. See blog … Continue reading

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..our journeys together

..Will you write about Lodhi? Family rituals are important to gain perspectives. “Will you write about Lodhi gardens” a fellow traveler asked me on reading my articles on Remembrance –reflection rituals. In the previous blogs , while going through the … Continue reading

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Exploring community spiritual traditions-Ta-Pinu sanctuary-Gozo

If one has to take a visit to nearby areas of spiritual significance to communities from Tripoli, then the Ta-Pinu sanctuary of Gozo immediately comes to mind. How communities are organized around these parishes threading through various aspects of their … Continue reading

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A book in Devnagri Script-Exploring links and memories

Internal and external immigrants are known to have reading groups which help them foster a sense of identity and security. A book in Devanagri script Last meeting, Dr.Bachchoo Singh brought a Gita in Devanagri script, printed at Gita Press, Gorakhpur. … Continue reading

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