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Tripoli reading group-Year end meeting-2011

Picking up the threads, a small gathering of the TRG met and  read out some maps, articles, notes ranging from Philosophy to Medicine. Remembering some conversations and inspirations. The Tripoli Reading group is inspired by a veteran educator who taught … Continue reading

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Year end diary

Not a day without a line, advised the older Pliny I have been a regular diarist since 1983. Year end diary “He is not courageous, but there was no flight out, and he does not like to go by land … Continue reading

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Searching for alternative perspectives

Searching for alternative perspectives and ways of looking at things. Feeling out of place Feeling out of place or unwanted or not part of the organization was what one of the administrators made to some of my colleagues feel after … Continue reading

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Reunions and musings

Did I do the right thing? This is the question which many who faced the situation in Libya ask themselves. I have met people who stayed behind and others who fled the conflict. Having a reunion with some of them … Continue reading

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What is Satsang?

What is Satsang? One of the definitions of Satsang-(the Sanskrit word sat=true, sanga=company) is to be in company with an assembly of persons who listen to, talk about and assimilate the truth. The experiences with mass observations and prayers in different … Continue reading

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