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Year end diary-2014..Remembering walks and readings

This year I had some interesting walks. Three regions where I walked were –Rishikesh-Landour region of Garhwal in spring, in Toronto-Niagara region in Fall and in Istanbul-Konya region in beginning of winter. SPRING…ALONG THE GANGA Walks by the Ganga-India Walks … Continue reading

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Winston Smith-1984..Book Discussions-2014-Part III

Winston Smith of George Orwell’s 1984 is a most unlikely hero.
The phrase Orwellian Nightmare is known to all of us.

We encounter many enclosed universes. The same event or organization can be looked at from different perspectives. All managers face such issues every day. Continue reading

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We all start by laughing at the Don…Book Discussions-2014-Part II

As a preview to the year end meeting of our Reading Group in Tripoli we discuss the narrative devices of Don Quixote by Cervantes. In the context of -Management Challenges of 21st century, in post 2011 Arab spring countries, one can learn a lot from these narratives.

The Reading group has helped us shape perspective, enrich our lives through many discussions of local contexts. It has also helped me evolve a Reading journal, which helps to keep in touch with friends and family around the world… There was something comical, something tragic about him. In some way, each worker in a foreign land faces these issues in some ways, issues of renewal of contract-visa, of money transfers, or getting their gratuity.

Orders and declarations signed, but not followed up by concrete action.

Or to put it in perspective of Don Quixote- the great influential work of Cervantes as Professor Shippey concluded in his lecture.

“We all start by laughing at the Don, we end by recognizing ourselves in him.” Continue reading

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