Family Photographs


My father's Last Photograph-June 25,1999

My father’s Last Photograph-June 25,1999

Friends Forever

Till sixteen a son is a son.
After that he is a father used to say..
He of my best friends ever,

Many a time, when in doubt or crises, I think, how he would have reacted..what would he have told me to do.

This is the last photograph of my father Brigadier Prem Narain Bhatt, with Sagar on his -left arm and Divya on his right arm, on his 60th birthday, on June 25,1999.


The shirt he is wearing is the one I had gifted to him, bought an evening before from Sri Aurobindo Market, Green Park.


The next day, he was no more.


Not forever does the song of the bulbul last, in the gardens of life.
They know not life, who know not this.


Old Hindi film songs were his passion..Here is a page from his diary-note book of 1989


My father’s notebooks-A family tradition



Just Married-Prem Narain Bhatt and Nirja Uniyal,                     Jan 30,1967

  Just married- January 30,1967

My Parents-Prem Narain Bhatt (born-June 25,1939, died June 26,1999) and

Nirja Bhatt nee Uniyal-(Born December 8,1944, died June 29,2011)



Bhawani Shankar Bhatt-1965

Bhawani Shankar Bhatt- Born 1914, Died April 1969.
My paternal grandfather, he was son of Shri Brahmi Dutt Bhatt.

BSB first shifted to Delhi from Shimla in the 1930s.
He was a lover of gardens and monuments and would take the children to exhibitions and trade fairs.

“When the first double decker buses started, he took us for a ride in them,” Indu Didi told
me one fine afternoon, sitting in Bengali Market after we had done a round of the National Museum.
“The Pragati Maidan trade fairs were another regular place to visit.”


Brahmi Dutt Bhatt-1925

Shri Brahmi Bhatt-around 1925.
He was father of Bhawani (my paternal grandfather)

Shri Brahmi Bhatt’s father Rama Bhatt first came to Shimla from Garhwal in 1890s.

We are a family of priests and traditional healers, originally from Vaid Gaon-near the Kirti Nagar, Srinagar bridge on Alaknanda in Pauri Garhwal. Then the family shifted to Uphalda village.

Rama Bhatt and then his son Brahmi developed House number 4, Upper Kaithu Bazaar, Shimla . Links with Tara Hall, Kali Bari temples and walks around the hill temples of Shimla-Jakhoo,Tara Devi are part of our family tradition.


Naniji-Mrs.Kamla Uniyal-Moscow.Mid 1970s

Naniji-Mrs.Kamla Uniyal-Moscow.Mid 1970s

She taught me about the Dignity of Human condition

Naniji-my maternal grandmother- Mrs.Kamla Uniyal nee Bahuguna


Moscow, former USSR, in the mid seventies.


After retirement from Banaras Hindu University, my grandfather and grandmother went to Moscow with my uncle-Rajendra Uniyal.


Their life was centered around taking care of their son, and this took a large part of their physical and mental energies. Born in 1953, my uncle was not able to care for himself, and died at the age of 26, in 1979.


There weren’t many support structures available in India at that time.


The way the family is affected by the chronic illness, was one of my first impressions in childhood, as I saw some of the struggles of my grandparents.


Keeping dignity in the face of adversity, pain and suffering is an important part of the human condition. My grandmother taught me that, in her own simple but profound ways.




Me-At around seven years of age

Toothless smiles

When I was around seven years-Pune 1975. I used to study in St.Vincent’s High school then.

Pune camp has it’s charms, smells, and we used to have a board where the cricket scores were put up

We would go to watch the score during the break time.

Now there is internet and multiple television channels.

At that time, our colony had only two televisions-both black and white, one in the Officer’s Mess and one in the house of an officer who had come from UK.

Ours was the third house to get a television, when my grandfather GPU brought one from Moscow, a Black and White National Panasonic.

“Chitrahaar” the Hindi movie song program on Wednesday 8.30 pm and the Sunday movie used to be the two regular events with some friends from the colony coming in.



uniyal family 4 001

The Uniyal family-E 10 , Banaras Hindu University Campus 1960s

GANESH PRASAD UNIYAL-Oct 1913 – March 6,1983

GPU-Professor Ganesh Prasad Uniyal during his London School of Economics days where he did his PhD under Professor Harold Laski

GPU-Professor Ganesh Prasad Uniyal during his London School of Economics days where he did his PhD under Professor Harold Laski

A Fellow Walker

My maternal grandfather-Professor Ganesh Prasad Uniyal-

Born-October 1913 …Died March 6,1983

He was professor of political science and retired as Head of Department,

Banaras Hindu University.

He was also founder head of Political Science of Sagar University, MP

 One of the first persons to introduce me to the wonders of morning walks, at the

magic hour when night turns into day.

  “Panthi Hoon Mein Us Path Ka..Anth Nahin Jis Ka..”

I am the walker of that Path..Which has no end.



One of the first lawyers of the Garhwal Himalayas, my great grandfather, (father of my maternal grandmother Kamla Uniyal nee Bahuguna) was associated with the Freedom struggle in British India

Anasuya Prasad Bahuguna

Shri Anasuya Prasad Bahuguna-one of the early influences on Shri Ram Prasad Bahuguna.


British India-around 1940-Anasuya Prasad Bahuguna with Vijay Laxmi Pandit and Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru


British India-around 1940-Freedom struggle and social activism                in the Garhwal Himalayas

Taj Mahal-Rawat Family Oct 2011 001




History walks are part of our family tradition.
The monument gardens in and around Delhi are a favorite.
The paintings of Thomas Danniels (Company School) which are in
National Gallery of Modern Art -Jaipur House Delhi are also reproduced
at the gate of Purana Qila (near the Zoo)..many lovely hours
spent appreciating these nuances.

The Taj Mahal and Fatehpur Sikri group of monuments are another
area where we have visited over generations.

The best time to view these are in the magic hour when night turns into day.



25 Responses to Family Photographs

  1. SHIVAM MUNDRA says:


  2. prashantbhatt says:

    Hi Shivam,
    Thanks for the comments. These pictures have not
    been clicked by me, only compiled by me in one place.

    You can also do these things, collect from your
    School, Family Albums and make Collages.

    This adds perspective to one’s life.

    Also in the modern times, you can make Video Blogs

    The Sports Day, Art Factory, Music room are
    all places which you should capture and put together

  3. ajay thapliyal says:

    Dear Prashant Bhaiya,

    Pranam. I was moved by seeing mama jee’s pictures. He was simply a great man and my mother still often cries by remembering him. He has done so much for people in his life, known and unknown, to many of us. I think such people do not just die. They remain and exist.

    Lovingly yours,


  4. prashantbhatt says:

    Thanks for the kind sentiments

    Looking at these photographs has made me
    realize about the Family insititution a bit more.

    I often remember the walks in Shimla.My father used to show the school where Sabu Buaji used to study.

    Prayers and Kalibari..Walks to Jakhoo..Chess on the streets
    of Kaithu Bazaar
    But..that was a ….long time ago.

  5. Sagar Prashant Bhatt says:

    Hello Papa. I am Sagar. This is a very nice article.

  6. Sangeeta Sullivan says:

    beautifu pics.. prashant.. wht wonderful parents.. n nostalgic memories.. while gng on cling on to them.. as that is wht life is made up of. the nice memories of the past ..the negative leave behind….

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  8. Nirmal Dobhal says:

    What a compilation. Prashant only you could do this. Seeing the photographs one goes down the memory lane since the I first me mamaji. Whenever, you think of him his 10000 wt smile flashes in your mind.

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  10. S.Santhosh Kumar says:

    awesome sir

  11. sana says:

    Nice sir g..!

  12. abhitabh says:

    great memories and very well compiled

  13. sitaram das says:

    hare krishna sir this is sitaram das from iskcon temple also know as hare krishna people i am based in mumbai, i am looking for help to preach the teaching of Bhagavat Gita in malta we have well wisher who is supporting us can you help us please contact

  14. CA Vijay Kumar says:

    Hi Dr. Bhatt, Amazing compilation of past memories, after such a long period when I saw Brigadier Sahab Photograph, it reminds me of his energetic personality, vibrant interaction,and gentle behaviour, your work has also given me inspiration to do some thing like this. Good job done.

  15. Rakesh Bhatt says:

    Dear Prashant, thanks for the nice collection which refressed the old memories.After reaching Agra I will mail some more photo. Our blessing to all of you.

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  18. Amit says:

    Hiii…. was searching for Harish Bhatt, he is also com kaithu, last I met him 1997, unable to locate.

    • Hello-Upper or Lower Kaithu…We were in Upper Kaithu,now no immediate family is staying there, but old friends, contacts are there
      I will ask my aunt- my father’s sister, she grew up there, and has many more contacts

  19. Pingback: Diary as a Looking Glass | Prashant Bhatt's notes

  20. anaelrich says:

    Your father passing away a day after his birthday is so sad….But you talk about him with such reverence, that I just know all is well. The pictures are beautiful.

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