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Remembering “Sue”

While remembering the rituals and rhythms of our family, from making notes to going to museums, I tried to see how the imagination of a child works on seeing some Natural history Sue was an interesting point to exchange notes … Continue reading

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Seeing Life at the slow shutter speed

As some friends read the article remembering Lodhi gardens,Delhi ( ), they asked me to write about the different sites where we had so many lovely evenings . “The next article should be about Hauz Khas”. Another friend remembered … Continue reading

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Learning together.Lessons from Jeevan

Today is the birthday of a long time colleague who has been a fellow-traveler in the “Libyan journey”. We have together mapped out and charted ways to deal with professional, organizational, personal issues which many expatriate workers living and working … Continue reading

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..our journeys together

..Will you write about Lodhi? Family rituals are important to gain perspectives. “Will you write about Lodhi gardens” a fellow traveler asked me on reading my articles on Remembrance –reflection rituals. In the previous blogs , while going through the … Continue reading

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..we walk on

Commonwealth War Cemetery-Tobruk-Libya.Tombs of Indian soldiers who participated in the North Africa campaign in 1940s are found here. Continuing on the theme of remembrance –reflection rituals my mind goes back to morning walks I used to have with my grandfather … Continue reading

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Reflections on remembrance rituals

The ritual of prayer has its healing powers. Many people pooh-pooh the religious rituals as they are done mindlessly. However if a ritual is done regularly with proper thought and  application, it builds  perspective. Remembering-reflecting rituals like Shraddha as observed … Continue reading

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Revisiting perspectives on Gandhi Jayanti

October 2-the birthday of Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi (Born Oct 2,1869 ,died Jan 30,1948 ) was an occasion to reflect on some Non-Western Anarchisms. In his article “Contemporary Anarchism” Eric Kerl writes about the wide breadth of ideas often contradictory which fall … Continue reading

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