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Regilla at Giza

Regilla at Giza-Though I do not smoke regularly,the scented tobacco has a different feel which one can try. The guide made a student’s pass for me. That saves you a lot of entry fees. In that one move, he more … Continue reading

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Tripoli Cafes

  A man drinking Regilla (Hookah). With scented Tobacco in a Tripoli café Life at the Slow Shutter speed.   “If you know your position in life, things will go smoothly” said one of my friends who works in a … Continue reading

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  Musings at the ancient Roman city of Sabratha, around 80 km west of Tripoli is a nice way to spend a holiday.   The origin of the name of Sabratha has been lost to time, although it is thought … Continue reading

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Green Mountains

  The area around Ras Al-Hillal, 20 km east of Susa, has some of the most dramatic scenery on a coastline I have ever seen.   For the full effect, Ras Al-Hillal is best approached from the west. Coming up … Continue reading

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Going through some art movements, which I first came across when I joined the School of Fototechnik, Delhi in Sep 2005 and were later stimulated by doing sketch studies of different subjects over visits to the Tripoli Medina and the Baroque … Continue reading

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Night train to Luxor

The Temple of Luxor-Egpyt. “Luxor will be as interesting than Alexandria”   I made friends with a guide who opened me to Luxor. Night photography at the temples of Luxor and Karnak was an added bonus.   So I caught … Continue reading

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Deceiving and being deceived

Judith and Holofernes-La Valentin..National Museum of Fine Arts.Malta After a morning session of work, and clarifying some contract related issues between the management and the maintenance company-a thorny issue which has dragged for several months, I took a nice lunch-Spaghetti … Continue reading

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