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Enrich your life-By A Read a day

    Reading clubs and discussion forums move on.   We have an informal reading club in Tripoli. This is an interesting exercise which one can undertake with a little effort, enriches life tremendously but does not require too much … Continue reading

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Spirits of Christmas

Spirits of Christmas Cheers- (Jivali-In Serbian) “My next visit will be to St.Petersberg, Moscow” said my dear friend Dr.Dragomir, as I rang him up in Belgrade to wish him Merry Christmas. Last I heard from him, he was in Cuba, … Continue reading

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With the person who taught me to make notes

    With Mausaji             Professor Ram Prasad Nawani, Professor and Head, Faculty of Mathematics,             Sagar University, MP, India   The man who taught me to make small notes, a habit which has enriched my life more than any … Continue reading

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An afternoon at Lodhi gardens.-Delhi

Playing with my dear sons, on the lawns of Lodhi has been a family tradition going back over seven decades.   My grandfathers used to come to Lodhi in the 1930s, when it was known as Lady Willingdon Park.   … Continue reading

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                      This November I lost my passport on a visit to India. There were some troubled hours, before I found it again, thanks to the railway police at Hazrat Nizamuddin, … Continue reading

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A race lost-A lesson gained

The 200 meters race was on. The child who was leading the rest of the field by more than two lengths thought the race was over when he reached the finish line. However, the rules said that he had to … Continue reading

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Rain Drop Moments

Went in the afternoon to check the PO Box at Shara Maghrief It was raining and the puddles reflected the trees. Remembered old rain-drop moments….Musings at Ancient Roman city-Sabratha-Facing the Mediterranean. Of Pune when we used to go for morning … Continue reading

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