Prashant Bhatt

After having worked and stayed in North Africa (Tripoli, Libya) and Malta, we migrated to Canada in July 2012. As the Canadian system does not easily recognize credentials of foreign trained professionals, I continued to work in Tripoli for four years before shifting to Ontario to be with my family. In Canada, I am pursuing Counselling Psychology, after having practiced medicine as a Radiologist for 23 years in India and Libya. This is an extension of my experiences in gathering oral history and narratives of common working people.

Tripoli Reading group-Shara Jraba : We ran an informal reading group in Libya from 2009-2016

 July 1.2010  The reading group has taken a life of it’s own.There are different types of books different members read. A small girl tells me “Good Morning”..I correct her-It is Good Afternoon now.She does not know how to say Good afternoon.Gave her a Picture book.On the other end are the teachers-

“I told my daughter to read Kant properly as if you do not, you will not be able to understand any of the philosophers  who followed. I myself just read Kant sporadically.A little here a little there.”    Different levels.Different Good Mornings. Different horizons.



I was born in Delhi, on Nov 27,1967, the first child of Prem Narain Bhatt and Nirja Bhatt (nee Uniyal).I spent most of my childhood in Pune, studying in Loyola (1973-75) and St.Vincent’s (1975-1979), Kendriya Vidyala Southern Command Pune (1980-82) and later in Army Public school (1982-1985) in Delhi.

Road running and collecting stamps were my first hobbies. (Half-marathon completed in 1984). This has evolved into going for long walks, to hill temples around Pune, Shimla, Mussoorie, Rishikesh and the monument gardens of Delhi, and now the beaches in and around Tripoli, Malta and Greater Toronto Area (GTA) .Collecting stamps of distant lands gave a foundation to explore different cultures.


My father used to send First Day covers from his field posting in Nagaland (1979-1982), which talked about aspects of Indian life and civilization. He took me to museums, inculcated the love of the written word in me, and together we went for morning walks- giving me the gift of the experience of the magic hour, when night turns into day.


My father Brigadier Prem Narain Bhatt, a medical doctor specializing in Anesthesiology helped shaped my early thinking regarding science. My grandfather Professor Ganesh Prasad Uniyal (Professor of Political Science-Banaras Hindu University)  helped nurture an early interest in social history. The habit of keeping notes was instilled in me by my uncle Professor Ram Prasad Nawani, a mathematician and educationist who was the Dean at Sagar University, MP.


The books, first day covers, museums, parks, and temples which my parents and uncles took me through have evolved into intentional thinking places. I regularly go on walking retreats.

“Life consists of what a man is thinking about all day.” Emerson.

2020-February- Readings from M.Scott Peck’s-The Road Less Traveled. Compared it to the book -Man’s search for Meaning-by Viktor Frankl.

(See blog- Being Unhappy about Being Unhappy)



Some related blogs

I shifted to Ontario, to give more attention to my family. I  have two sons Sagar (born Feb 28 1999) and Sahil (born 18 th Sep 2000) who passed Engineering from Toronto Metropolitan (formerly Ryerson) University after graduating from Peel School Board , Mississauga, Ontario, Canada.

Bombay Natural History Society,Goregaon,Mumbai,March 2009

Exploring the music in forests-With Sagar and Sahil-

Sanjay Gandhi National Park-Mumbai.Bombay Natural History Society

Sagar learnt guitar with two experienced teachers-Maben Oswald (Malad-Mumbai-2006-2010) and Tony Pace.(St.Venera-Malta-2010-12) As he enters his teens he is now more interested in movies. Kindle is one of his favourites. Rick Riordan is his favorite author. Environmental issues are another window of learning.

Sahil is keen on Mathematics. In Primary school he was a keen student of Oxford Advanced Learner’s Dictionary. In his Mumbai days he used to do track and field. He is a keen and observant writer.

Photography is my keen interest and I did a 6 month basic course from School of Fototechnik Delhi.

Learning from Chekhov-Museum of Fine Arts, Malta,May 2007

Musings with my friend Chekov-Museum of Fine Arts-Malta

I have taken part in joint exhibitions in photography. Traveling, reading, writing (recording narratives of common people), sketching are my other interests.In my student and residency days, I used to write regularly on issues relating to working people.Now, having lived and worked in the Arab world, I have an added perspective of the issues facing the common working people.

Walks in Museums- Royal Ontario Museum-2014 ..celebrating 100 years of ROM..Every object has a story
Walks in Museums- Royal Ontario Museum-2014 ..celebrating 100 years of ROM..Every object has a story
Royal Ontario Museum-2017- an association since 2013



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  2. Dr shrirang R Rane says:

    Nice to know about you man
    Remember me?
    I am in Bombay.

  3. prashantbhatt says:

    Hi Rane! Of course I remember you very well.
    My first Registrar, and one who introduced me
    to Old Resident’s hostel KEM, and guided and helped
    me in my initial days in Mumbai.
    Should meet at Ram Bhai mess some time to have
    Vada Pav and Seera-Upma

  4. nirmal says:

    Prashant you truely amazing,read ur articles
    right from Bijwasan land lord to your mentor on
    note making – ur mausaji. That man is simply great

  5. prashantbhatt says:

    Thanks Nirmal Bhabhiji

    Check this out

    This one..Remembering dear Guddu Bhai

  6. meet says:

    please reply soon.

  7. prashantbhatt says:

    Hello Meet
    I am Sagar.We are going to St.Edward’s college.

    Today I had my first guitar lesson with a teacher
    (Mr.Tony Pace) who has been teaching for 36 years,

    It is raining in Malta today.
    Regards from Sagar

  8. dcde says:

    I admire your time spending other than Radiology which make all of us happy coming incontact with you

    • prashantbhatt says:

      Thank you sir, for your encouragement. This December we will repeat our walk by Lake Michigan
      Only this time, we will go a bit later than the early morning hour (when night turns into day) which
      was I think, a bit taxing last time.

      Waiting to meet you soon…Panera, McCormick, Thai…and lot of talks and advice.
      I repeat the mantra you told me regularly.. Thanks for everything

  9. sam sullivan says:

    Dear Sir,

    I am currently a student and will be coming to Libya at the end of February 2012 to do research and would very much like to meet you. I am investigating defection but would like to get a doctor’s perspective on the casulties of the uprising. Would this be something that you would be interested in?

    Kind Regards,

    Sam Sullivan.

    • Dear Sam
      You are welcome to come and discuss anything.
      I have been witness to casualties from both sides and general Libyan population.
      Regarding defection-It depends on what you want and whether a medical doctor
      will be able to provide that type of information.
      I do write general articles ( and if you
      go through them, you will get an idea about my area of interest.

  10. Gail Wiggins says:

    Woh I enjoy your blog posts, saved to favorites ! .

  11. I like this web site very much so much wonderful info . “We cannot swing up on a rope that is attached only to our own belt.” by William Ernest Hocking.

  12. Youre so cool! I dont suppose I’ve read anything like this before. So nice to find somebody with some original thoughts on this subject. Really thank you for starting this up. This website is something that is needed on the web, someone with a little originality. Useful job for bringing something new to the internet!

  13. jackie376 says:

    I imagine you live quite an interesting and fulfilling life!
    Thank you very much for stopping by my blog – I appreciate it:)

  14. Wow what a smorgasboard of blogs and articles, must dive in 🙂 Also, thank you for visiting my blog!

  15. tsizzles says:

    Hi Prashant, I know it’s late but I nominated you for the “Blog Of The Year” award. Check it out:

  16. tsizzles says:

    Hi Prashant, thanks so much for the follow. Really appreciate it. May your year be filled with blessings and promises.

  17. Bharat Karia says:

    Visited Mamta and the children in Mississauga. They are doing well!

    Had a great time.

  18. Bob Mills says:

    Just wanted to say what a fascinating blog you have. Also to thank you for kindly visiting and liking my own.
    I shall look forward to returning again soon.
    Warm regards

  19. Roshan uniyal says:

    Hello sir I am Roshan Uniyal, originally from Dehradun India.Right now I am in Malta. I want to join with you on Facebook.please add me .Thank you

  20. Sumeet Joshi says:

    Hello Prashant Sir!
    I am Sumeet Joshi, currently on an architectural practical training programme at Spidergrass and Co. based in Shimla. I am in the 9th sem in pursuing B.Arch from Pune, Maharashtra. At our office in Mythe Estate, Upper Kaithu, Shimla, we are researching on the heritage buildings in Shimla. We have also started a community/forum named ‘Samvaad, Some Walks’ where thinkers, architects, musicians, photographers come together to be a part of a conversation through which we explore, question and share impressions of life in the contemporary urban fabric of this historic hill station, Shimla.
    Since Shimla is rich with heritage around, we walk around documenting and researching about the heritage structures and meet at Sundays to discuss. We came across your post where you mentioned about the old house you have in Upper Kaithu Area. It will be very helpful if we can connect to you where you can help us by sharing few memories of the your house, its history, heritage value and other heritage structures around Kaithu or Shimla.

    • Dear Sumeet- thanks for your interesting comments. Yes, our family came to Shimla from Garhwal Himalayas-in the last decade of 19th century-around 1890 (as far as my understanding from municipal records).

      My father’s sister- who now lives in Lucknow may be able to tell more of life in Shimla of 1940s-to 60s..One of my cousin sisters is a historian, who has spent time as a Fellow in IIAS..written a book on Portuguese interludes in India..she too may be able to help.

      Will be in touch-

      • Sumeet Joshi says:

        Hello Sir,
        For our next forum meet up of ‘Samvaad, Some Walks’ we are researching on Peeli Kothis located in Kaithu locality. It was built by a Sikh Contractor named Kartar Singh Gill for his cousins. We would like to know if you can share any information like photographs about Peeli Kothi’s in Kaithu. It will be very helpful if we can connect to your cousin sister or any other person who can give us insights on the same.

      • Hello Sumeet
        It is good to be connected
        I will send you message privately
        But keep in mind that our family shifted to Delhi region in 1940 s


  21. Sumeet Joshi says:

    Hello Sir,
    For our next forum meet up of ‘Samvaad, Some Walks’ we are researching on Peeli Kothis located in Kaithu locality. It was built by a Sikh Contractor named Kartar Singh Gill for his cousins. We would like to know if you can share any information like photographs about Peeli Kothi’s in Kaithu. It will be very helpful if we can connect to your cousin sister or any other person who can give us insights on the same.

  22. Dr Subhash Yadav says:

    I am Dr Subhash Yadav, hope you remember me. I was in KEM Mumbai. Nice to see your post on face book and visiting your website. I am in Lucknow, SGPGI. Hope to meet some day. Where are you now?
    My email—-
    Dr Subhash

  23. Manish Jain says:

    i am dr manish jain hay to you and your family voyager where are you

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