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Of Letters and Prayers-On Gandhi Jayanti

Collecting prayers and hymns is a part of many spiritual traditions. On occassion of Gandhi Jayanti we look back at some of the influences on Gandhi and the prayers which made him weave communities. LETTERS Tolstoy’s “Letter to a Hindu” … Continue reading

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ADANA 1994 – The sins of the fathers are visited on the children

We began our friendship through medicine. Then he joined our Reading Group. Once a week we have food together in The Turkish Restaurant- Adana-1994. Together we feel the city of Tripoli -the wind which carries many currents. BEYOND THE IRON … Continue reading

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Reading groups and conversations..to examine communities

Examining communities first hand opens many horizons and connections. The first hand interaction with peoples and ideas of different nationalities and regions when living in a cosmopolitan city like Tripoli adds a richness to life. How work, faith and migration … Continue reading

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Diwali in Tripoli.

In work and play, education and prayer Following the life of the community. As we celebrate another Diwali in Tripoli many previous years come to mind. This Dushera we had a gathering in a colleague’s house in Oil Clinic area … Continue reading

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Reading clubs again

Reading Groups in Tripoli..He beautifully wrote of the two slogans which the Khmer Rouge used –
“Power flows through the barrel of the gun”…and ‘You cannot make omellettes without breaking eggs’
What he saw in Cambodia, he had read in Calcutta, in the early seventies.Maoist rhetoric.
As one old Bengali friend, a sensitive human being, a keen photographer and teacher
-Tirtha Das Gupta (TDG) once told me, sipping tea in the School of Fototechnik at Bhogal Delhi,
“The Naxalite movement put the people’s movements back by decades” Continue reading

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