Mountain Meditation

Mountain Meditation (MM)

A brief version is to meditate on going up the mountain(s) and remember all the persons who helped make you the person you are. And become one with the mountain

Extended version

pray to the mountain, the paths which go to it, the streams that flow from it , the trees , animals, who grow , live there. The many people who have gone through those paths. Their associations and aspirations. Meditate on the lessons of the mountain . Then become one with the mountain. Imagine you are a part of the mountain- what spiritual lessons are drawn from the mountain paths , rivers, streams, trees… 

MM is a great meditation to connect to the universal energies and specific memories

PRAYERS AT DHARI DEVI MANDIR (DDM) -Pauri Garhwal- Srinagar area

MM-DDM-Feb 09-2023

Dhari Devi Mandir (DDM)- Srinagar Pauri Garhwal Uttarakhand

Many generations of our family Bhatts of Uphalda Srinagar have prayed and reflected in the DDM over the centuries.

Bhatt family members shifted to Shimla- (United Punjab) in 1880s and then to Delhi-1930s.

My father-Prem Narain Bhatt joined the Indian Army after medical graduation from AIIMS-1958 batch. I went to Libya -2003 .

Our family shifted to Toronto-area in July 2012 after two years in Malta.

Went to DDM after paying respects of Sabu Bua ji (Savitri Thapliyal nee Bhatt) – and meeting Priti and Rahul in Dehradun. First time meeting them after passing away of Surendra Mama-ji (Aug 2022).

Earlier Perspectives- 2012- October- Reflections on Rememrance Rituals…

After prayers at DDM went to meet Manorma Mami – to pay respects first time meeting her after the passing of Umesh Mamaji (Umesh Mamgain-passed May 2021).

Earlier Perspectives-2011-October -Walks by Alaknanda…

We return again to DDM – to say our prayers, reflect on the times gone by and honour the memory of our ancestors


Remember When (RW) is a great way to build perspective. RW you first prayed at a mountain temple, who was with you, whom did you remember. For me, two temples stand out. One is the small Hanuman temple in the Hills of Lullanagar Pune- (see blog ) where we would go for morning walks in the 1970s. I had been introduced to praying in hill temples at Chattersinghi Temple of Khadki area Pune in the early 1970s when I would go to primary school- Loyola. After we shifted to Golibar Maidan-Pune, my parents would take me for morning walks. Lullanagar was one such place I remember.

In the Himalayas- the Kali Bari temple of Shimla was a place to remember our ancestors, pray and reflect on the times gone by. We would go to Kaithu Bazaar where our family stayed from 1880s, and then go for walks to the Hill temples in and around Shimla – Jakhu, Tara Devi, Naldera

MM- DDM- Mountain Meditation Dhari Devi Mandir

Shimla 1940s -Bhatt Family – Brahmi Bhatt (BB) with his three sons and their families- Sri Sri Krishan, Bhawani, Kali – my father PNB- Prem Narain Bhatt is seen on the lap of his mother- to the right of BB

I got this family photograph when I visited Rakesh Chacha-ji in Kamla Nagar Agra. The MM we had at Dhari Devi has many manifestations and gifts

Earlier Perspective : Early Morning at Lodhi- with Guddu Bhai- Yogendra Dobhal

Question: Which MM connected you with your roots, legacy, heritage?


About prashant bhatt

A psychologist, interested in mindfulness practices. I practiced medicine as a radiologist for 23 years in India and Libya as a radiologist before shifting to Canada. A regular diarist, journaling since 1983 Reading journal :
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