Year end notes-2022

Thinking places expanded this year to New York State as Sagar shifted there. However, Brant Street, Burlington and the surrounding areas remain one of my favourite thinking places.


Did some readings around Pickering. This evolves many lovely walks around Old Mills-on the Humber. This year, one of my mentors passed away physically. He taught us how to view literature through the post colonial lens. Prayed and remembered our many discussions together at the Tripoli cafes around the Libyan chapter of the Arab spring.


Looking back at some of our thinking places, and the many energies, memories associated with them.

Newark airport notes: July 2022: After leaving Sagar at his new place in NYC, I spent a few hours reflecting on past journeys. Remembering the first time they came to Tripoli from Delhi on Feb 25,2004 and Malta from Mumbai on Sep 24,2010 . Airport diaries are a part of a separate special notebook which I keep. This year, Mehran Karimi Nasseri, passed away in November. Nasseri spent many years stuck at the Charles de Gaulle airport in Paris . As a person who has spent many lonely hours in different terminals of the world, I could identify in with Nasseri in a special way.


Connecting with the universal energies. One of such places is Algonquin

Algonquin-July 2022

Manresa-May 2022


One of the meditations, reflections I did on my elder son Sagar leaving for New York was the India of 1960s when his grand parents first left their homes. My father PNB left Delhi to serve in the North East after his graduation. He returned to those areas again in 1970s-1980s, and I remember him sending us first day covers, leaves, butterflies from the North East-Nagaland- which were not seen in the Western India Sahyadri area or the Northern India Shimla Himalayas areas.

My father-in-law- (Sagar’s Nana ji) left Karachi when British India became India and Pakistan. In the early 1960s he joined Nirlon, Mumbai. He describes his struggles of those years.

These are part of the family memories and legacies which Sagar will carry with him on the next phase of his life. I remembered my own years when I first stayed away from home in Delhi in 1980s. The associations with the campuses of Delhi university and the walks in Firoz Shah Kotla, Lodhi gardens areas. Leaving India in 2003-made me discover Northern Africa-Libya and we later stayed in Malta for two years.

Remembering Gozo Walks- Gozo -Malta-

BEST OF 2022


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  1. Dinesh De says:

    Wish you and family happy new year

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