Retelling the Stories of our Community-Museums as Thinking places

When one goes into a group experience, one goes in as an individual but the impact and growth are immense if one tries to imbibe the group personality and lessons learned.

Looking back at 2017- I recall some interesting walks -tours and interactions in the Museums and Art Galleries of Mississauga, Hamilton, and Toronto

This year-2017-I intentionally built on this theme and visited some parks and museums-art galleries and developed them as “Thinking Places”.

Two libraries-The Frank McKechnie Centre Library of Bristol road-where we study and reflect, and the Courtney Park branch-where I attend the book club monthly meetings were also developed as Thinking places.

This led me to see a Great course-on Life Lessons from Great books-by J Rufus Fears – with my son Sahil. This year was also the 100th anniversary of the Russian revolution. Listened to the lecture on Animal Farm by George Orwell-by Professor Fears with great attention –noting the differences and dynamics of Napoleon and Snowball.

The importance of a museum is to provide an awareness of the past, while providing a spring board for the future
Mayor Bonnie Crombie-speaking at 50 years of Bradley Museum


The trips to Hamilton led me to meet Bill Manson, a local historian, who used to teach English literature and theatre before retiring around 15 years ago, and getting serious about the local histories of this town. The false fire alarm in the AGH –Art Gallery of Hamilton- led me to get talking about to this interesting person, and we discussed the transportation and roads of Hamilton. He gave a wonderful introduction into the workers’s lives in Hamilton –explaining the meanings behind the pictures displayed- the struggles of the workers in the textile mills.


Born in Hamilton to Italian immigrant parents, Sara Angelucci is well known for autobiographical work in a range of media including still photography, moving image, sonic performance and installation. With Piece Work, Angelucci’s latest body of work, she revisited her mother’s history as a garment worker, producing a new installation in collaboration with today’s workers at Coppley Apparel in downtown Hamilton.


The galleries of Royal Ontario Museum- in which we visited the Native galleries and also the special exhibition- The evidence room-Memories of the Holocast, the Blue whale exhibition , the Vikings , while having meals at Druxy’s cafe made for insights into the shape of the Canadian identity.

Walking the Diverse Galleries of ROM



Missing Chapters-A joint collaboration of Royal Ontario Museum-Art Gallery of Mississauga

Our Delhi Links- Reflections on Remembrance rituals-OUR JOURNEYS TOGETHER


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A psychologist, interested in mindfulness practices. I practiced medicine as a radiologist for 23 years in India and Libya as a radiologist before shifting to Canada. A regular diarist, journaling since 1983 Reading journal :
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