Remembering “Sue”

While remembering the rituals and rhythms of our family, from making notes to going to museums, I tried to see how the imagination of a child works on seeing some Natural history

An afternoon with Sue-Field Museum, Chicago,Dec 2010
The world’s largest, most complete, best preserved
Tyrannosaurus Rex ever preserved- 67 million years old.
What does watching Sue make us realize about our existence
I tried asking these questions to a small 3 year old
This Eid, in Tripoli.

Sue was an interesting point to exchange notes with the three year old daughter of my colleague-Santosh.

Janvi turned 3 on October 15 and I tried to see what she thinks of this shape after having gone through some of the commonly seen animals, figures, shapes in pre-nursery help books.

Picasso-Art and sensibility

For colours we went through Picasso’s Blue and Rose periods .

“Will such paintings be appreciated in India” my friend asked me after seeing some Cubist compositions. This made for an interesting discussion on the nature of art in India, the religious symbolism, the miniature periods patronized by Mughals and Rajputs.

“Have you been to a museum?” I asked him and guided him to visit four interesting places the next time he goes back to Mumbai- Jehangir Art Gallery, Chatrapati Shivaji Museum-Formerly the Prince of Wales museum, National Gallery of Modern Art and Bhau Daji Lad Museum.

The first three are within walking distance of Regal but for Bhau Daji Lad he will have to go to Byculla.

See blogs:

“We have Rangoli exhibitions in our city in which freedom fighters are depicted” he modified his initial negative response after some thinking.
* * *
My father first started taking me to museums in the early seventies. I try to pass that tradition on to my children.

Thoughts from “Sue”..Conservation, Evolution

The extended Eid holidays in Libya made for an interesting occasion to go through some Museum themes. Though I started with a workshop approach with a three year old, revising some commonly seen animals shown in her nursery book and then trying to see what she makes of “Sue”, the discussions opened up many interesting themes regarding collection, restoration, curatorial work and what constitutes art in different cultures.


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