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Remembering “Sue”

While remembering the rituals and rhythms of our family, from making notes to going to museums, I tried to see how the imagination of a child works on seeing some Natural history Sue was an interesting point to exchange notes … Continue reading

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..our journeys together

..Will you write about Lodhi? Family rituals are important to gain perspectives. “Will you write about Lodhi gardens” a fellow traveler asked me on reading my articles on Remembrance –reflection rituals. In the previous blogs , while going through the … Continue reading

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Skype parenting?

Recently I was having a conversation with a friend over skype. He, like me, is living and working in the Arab world. He has a son, who is as old as my younger son, and we were discussing notes on … Continue reading

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Exploring community spiritual traditions-Ta-Pinu sanctuary-Gozo

If one has to take a visit to nearby areas of spiritual significance to communities from Tripoli, then the Ta-Pinu sanctuary of Gozo immediately comes to mind. How communities are organized around these parishes threading through various aspects of their … Continue reading

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Searching for alternative perspectives

Searching for alternative perspectives and ways of looking at things. Feeling out of place Feeling out of place or unwanted or not part of the organization was what one of the administrators made to some of my colleagues feel after … Continue reading

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What is Satsang?

What is Satsang? One of the definitions of Satsang-(the Sanskrit word sat=true, sanga=company) is to be in company with an assembly of persons who listen to, talk about and assimilate the truth. The experiences with mass observations and prayers in different … Continue reading

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Walks in Malta again

Malta had haunted me-and I suppose all other in the Mediterranean fleet –ever since I had first arrived in this sea at the ag of nineteen in 1941. It was a name famous throughout the world, but also a name … Continue reading

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