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Of Books, walks, narratives…on Teacher’s day

Today is Teacher’s Day. Do you practice something from your culture or civilization in your daily life?
How does this practice affect your understanding of life?
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The everyday history of immigrants and locals gives different flavors of life in the same place. The Italian families who stayed here in the 19th and earlier part of 20th century have a different orientation than the military families staying at the Wheelus Air Base in 1950s/60s. The local Arabs have a different orientation over generations Continue reading

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Seeing Life at the slow shutter speed

As some friends read the article remembering Lodhi gardens,Delhi ( https://prashantbhatt.com/2012/10/19/our-journeys-together/ ), they asked me to write about the different sites where we had so many lovely evenings . “The next article should be about Hauz Khas”. Another friend remembered … Continue reading

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Evening walk in Rome

Despite some warnings from locals about the distance, I decided to follow the map and took a lovely evening walk through Rome.Night photography has a charm of its own. The same structures look very different than during the day. I ignored … Continue reading

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Night train to Luxor

The Temple of Luxor-Egpyt. “Luxor will be as interesting than Alexandria”   I made friends with a guide who opened me to Luxor. Night photography at the temples of Luxor and Karnak was an added bonus.   So I caught … Continue reading

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Charming evenings at Tripoli

Here is a late evening shot of the big mosque at Maidan Al-Jaziyer of Tripoli And after that, a lovely evening of poetry with Snehi Sahib..who says in style.. “I am a chef, not a cook…An Orator, not a speaker” … Continue reading

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Arch of Marcus Aurelius

  The place is very charming in the evenings, with a gentle Mediterranean breeze Night photography has it’s own charms Suggested further reading- Link:   http://creative-writers.blog.co.uk/2009/01/15/preparing-for-another-journey-5382023

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