Evening walks-Night shots.

Mosque at Shara Maghrief-It used to be a Cathedral

 Walking in the evening time, breaking into a light jog, in the time of Ramadan is a different feeling. The roads are very quiet and deserted as the faithful are breaking their fast. The scent of food comes through.

The left foot has been hurting for the past fortnight. The pain refused to go away despite taking rest for some days. So I decided to move on inspite of the pain.

Remembering last year’s walks during fall, the scent of crushed leaves while walking at dusk past the Idris palace.The dusk walks have a different feel from the ones taken at dawn.

The sounds of birds are different at Dusk.

The scents of leaves are different.

Reflections in the lake in front of Tripoli castle. Grand Hotel and Mosque of Shara Maghrief in long view...A long shot at life..Tripoli's evening charms

Reflections on the lake in front of Tripoli Castle-Grand Hotel & Maghrief mosque-Long shot of a Tripoli evening


Walked to the sea front. The scent of the Tripoli port came across through the breeze. Again different from the morning scents.

Ibrahim Gambhari rang up yesterday-“Going to Egypt for physiotherapy of my mother. Both the Swiss and German teams have refused to operate her.”

Jim came and presented the books of Ansel Adams. A great source of inspiration and instruction. Started going through the writings, and compared them with some of the recent writings of one of my own medical teachers. Some are in step, some out of step.

Fading relations, past teachers, missed opportunities. many themes came across

A motorcyclist drove past very fast, on the walk-way, by the sea…almost hitting me, as I tried to avoid him and he tried to avoid me. And we both moved in same direction! 

But this broke my chain of thoughts which were getting …brooding.

Thinking of some nice beautiful evening walks I have taken ..in some other locations

 Cairo-A walk by the Nile..Lovely breeze

Trafalgar -London

Moonrise at The Strand-Malta

Moonrise over the Strand-Malta-March2007

 And many thanks to my photography teacher-Tirtha Das Gupta..who teaches about photography,beauty and life.

Dusk at Bharatpur..Tirtha da walking with his students after a tranquil day at Bharatpur-India

Tirtha da walking with his students after a tranquil day at Bharatpur-India

Bharatpur:March 06 :Photography and approach to the technical, aesthetic, emotional, practical aspects of art. How to think like a pictorialist-Visualization.



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