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A 200 year old work table

The work table also had a more personal purpose , as in this example which is fitted with an adjustable writing board. It is a reminder of the lost art of personal writing where, through letters, diaries and journals, women contributed greatly to the preservation of memories of the past Continue reading

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Father’s Day Walk review

As part of the review of father’s day walks, one sees another part of the story when one becomes a father. As I look back at the -First Day covers and stamps he would send from his field station postings,and … Continue reading

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Letters..windows to other worlds

A letter still remains one of the most lasting methods of staying connected. The intimacy of spoken word is different from that of the written word. The discussion on Skype Parenting https://prashantbhatt.com/2012/09/11/skype-parenting/reminded me of the letters and first day covers … Continue reading

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Reverse migration-Workers as “Rip Van Vinkle”

Reverse migration is an issue which every worker living in Arab world faces in some way or the other. In our discussion on May Day, after reading out excerpts of Hay Market https://prashantbhatt.com/2012/05/01/the-eight-hour-day-remembering-hay-market-in-tripoli/ and the struggle for the 8 hour … Continue reading

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April Fool’s Day musings

We exchanged sms messages and greetings on April Fool’s Day. There were  some interesting discussions regarding the way the managers of Libyan Arab institutions are making their best efforts to try and get some semblance of European style management to … Continue reading

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Regilla at Giza

Regilla at Giza-Though I do not smoke regularly,the scented tobacco has a different feel which one can try. The guide made a student’s pass for me. That saves you a lot of entry fees. In that one move, he more … Continue reading

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Tripoli Cafes

  A man drinking Regilla (Hookah). With scented Tobacco in a Tripoli café Life at the Slow Shutter speed.   “If you know your position in life, things will go smoothly” said one of my friends who works in a … Continue reading

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