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Our trees still grow in Palam

When they first came to Malta in 2010, their grandmother had told me in  a sad voice-

“Give them so much love that they do not miss me.”

It was a tall order, which no one can fulfill, but even if one falls short, it is a good goal to try and measure oneself to. Continue reading


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..what a modern Leonardo application would include

Discussing “How to think like Leonardo Da Vinci” by Michael Gelb with my son as part of our Reading sessions opened new insights. Why did the Renaissance take place when it did? For 1000 years prior, European accomplishments in the … Continue reading

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Joint journals-Mumbai

Keeping a joint journal has been a way of introducing some of the younger persons of our family to the art of diary -journal writing. So I went through the birthday of Jim Corbett with my nephew Mayank – (See … Continue reading

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