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Retelling the Stories of our Community-Museums as Thinking places

When one goes into a group experience, one goes in as an individual but the impact and growth are immense if one tries to imbibe the group personality and lessons learned. Looking back at 2017- I recall some interesting walks … Continue reading

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Tree Lightings-Remembering George Eliot

  Religion was to her, however, a purely subjective experience; it gave her a larger realization of the wants of humanity, it revealed to her the true nature of feeling.                                                               Cooke, George Willis (2012-12-18).                           George Eliot; a … Continue reading

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..what a modern Leonardo application would include

Discussing “How to think like Leonardo Da Vinci” by Michael Gelb with my son as part of our Reading sessions opened new insights. Why did the Renaissance take place when it did? For 1000 years prior, European accomplishments in the … Continue reading

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Rastafari-some conversations on identity

  On the occasion of 50th year of Jamaican independence, we saw an interesting exhibition and attended a meeting of artists and diaspora , mainly from Jamaica, which lead to discussions on the aspirations and impressions of the present generation … Continue reading

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Mint tea in Tripoli.

So Life is.  We sipped Mint tea at the sea front in Tripoli and had a lovely walk in the breeze.  For the past two months, I have been keeping a joint journal with my sons-Sagar and Sahil as we … Continue reading

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