Exploring Collections-Connections-Communities

Each place one visits, has many energies,currents. Interest based groups form an important part of 21st century community feelings. Saw this lovely exhibit at the Pearson international airport, installed in collaboration with the Royal Ontario Museum.

Pearson  international airport exhibit-in collaboration with Royal Ontario Museum

Pearson international airport exhibit-in collaboration with Royal Ontario Museum. The display captures a moment when a small herbivorous dinosaur is attacked by a larger dinosaur, an event which probably occurred around 150 million years ago, in Western United States region

This morning we went to Toronto Botanical gardens- Edwards Gardens-Leslie Street. Watching different activities..Tai chi, gardening, studying the evolution of public gardens. There is a good library which has many books related to garden societies for people of different tastes and levels of interest and education.

Our next stop was the Myth busters special exhibition in Ontario Science centre. Like the previous two special exhibitions on Science of Rock and roll and Brain, this one too was a delight and opened many windows into the world of science. Before reaching the level 6 exhibition hall, we went to the right of the stairs to see the roots of a tree donated to the museum, which had been studied as part of a 1971 thesis.

Sounds of forests, and many interesting exhibits which re-affirm the assertion- Science is everywhere

The many lovely aspects of Science, ranging from the sounds of forest, the nature of soil, to the science of military, Chris Hadfield’s space mission, the reactions of human body to extreme conditions like high altitude are beautifully exhibited through interactive exhibits…Visitors should go to level 5, right side above the Human body gallery to see the gallery on cultures..usually if one goes straight to Special exhibition hall, one may miss this very interesting gallery- where different cultures, interviews with different scientists, the evolution of farming are among the interesting exhibits (above the canteen)

Could Empty Space Exist

Remembering Otto Guerike- The Magdeburg Hemispheres

In the 17th century, Otto Guericke began exploring the question – “Could empty space exist, and is heavenly space unbounded?” This led him to experiments regarding vacuum, and sealing, and the Magdeburg hemispheres around 1650. Guericke was the mayor of Magdeburg from 1646-1676 (hence the name). References state of an experiment in 1854  by the Reichstag and the Emperor Ferdinand III in Regensburg, where it was found that 30 horses, in two teams of 15, could not separate the hemispheres until the vacuum was released. (for those interested in further reading..see http://www.eoht.info/page/Magdeburg+hemispheres

The OSC did well to introduce  these concept to visitors, especially children in  a very interesting ways

Other posts of Interest Darwin’s dream ponds


Every season, we become a member of one such institution around our home and explore the different exhibitions in depth. This has added a richness to life, and brought connections with different trends of humanity. As one curator once said- Collections make Connections. The Polar bear cub was one year old on November 9 (2014) … Adopt a zoo animal..it will add many dimensions to life.

Museums with Children https://prashantbhatt.com/museums-with-the-children/

My father first introduced me to the richness of museums in the early 1970s… Over the years, the seeds  sowed , are bearing fruit in different interesting ways.

Walks in Malta again https://prashantbhatt.com/2010/10/29/walks-in-malta-agai/

Artists must never express the sense of an age: They must give a sense to that age. These words of Conrad Fiedler come back to me in many different ways, in the galleries of the Caravagisti of Malta, the sculptures of Antonio Sciortino

Communities of interest.

In modern urban societies, the traditional old community links undergo many strains and changes. In such milieu, interest based groups such as Historical societies , Nature groups, Reading groups and other forms of Civil society are the community of the 21 st century. Walking through Toronto Botanical Gardens, and Ontario science centre, made this feeling even more intense and clear.


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A psychologist, interested in mindfulness practices. I practiced medicine as a radiologist for 23 years in India and Libya as a radiologist before shifting to Canada. A regular diarist, journaling since 1983 Reading journal : gracereadings.com
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  1. divyakshatjoshi says:

    Elder bro! !! Gd morning ……

    Bro day today no ideas are evolving for the blog. …… I’m thinking and thinking but feeling lack of vocabulary. …… guide me….. On 16 Jul 2015 01:35, “Prashant Bhatt’s notes” wrote:

    > prashantbhatt posted: “Each place one visits, has many > energies,currents. Interest based groups form an important part of 21st > century community feelings. Saw this lovely exhibit at the Pearson > international airport, installed in collaboration with the Royal Ontario > Museum. “

    • Good day. Why don’t you post something related to the temples, around Srinagar. Add a personal touch to them. A few days ago, I showed the photograph of Bilu Kedar and Dhari Maa temples to my sons- your cousins-Sagar and Sahil. Then I put up a photograph of the Joshi family and explained our relation. The talk which resulted went back through the generations. You can always start a blog on such personal themes, exploring geneologies, relating them to the present. Will be looking forward to such entries from you….For other ideas, you can go through my blogs..about places visited, things seen. See this blog on INDO MALAYA FORESTS
      Indomalaya forest

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