Dharamshala trip

On asking my nephew Master Mayank what he liked about Dharamshala visit, he sent to me a video of cows coming out of a labyrinth of foliage. I encourage children to write a few lines about their visits. When one writes, one has to think about the issue in a much different manner. I remember my own visit to Dharamshala in 1998 , (ages ago. walks to Tushita monastery,St John in the Wilderness and Bhagsu Nag temple. They represent three important spiritual traditions of India.


Once again..

Remembered visits to Taj Mahal and his father’s college. I nudged him towards awareness of different architecture trends. I have a photograph of the family in front of some Indo-Sarcenic Gothic architecture in Mumbai region, visits to different museums.

“The last time we went on a train trip was with Mummy” my sister told me over remembering the pilgrimage to Vaishno Devi April 2011. One year before in 2010 they had visited Shimla.

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What will the mouse Stuart Little do if he is in Delhi? This question sparked

an interesting journey with my nephew Mayank.


Still waiting…

I am still waiting for Master Mayank or his busy sister Divya to write a few lines about their personal experiences of the trip to Dharamshala. Meanwhile I re-read the Autobiography of Dalai Lama (presented to me by Dr.Rajiv Tandon..when he was in Tripoli and became a member of the reading group).

The book is a window into the life of Diaspora and can be read at many different levels , wearing different hats.

WESTERN SOCIETY…Dalai Lama’s comments on Western society are worth thinking about.

“Overall I found much that is impressive about western society. In particular I admire its energy and creativity and hunger for knowledge. On the other hand , a number of things about the western way of life cause me concern. One thing I have notices is an inclination for people to think in terms of ‘black and white’ and ‘either, or’ which ignores the facts of interdependence and relativity. They have a tendency to lose sight of the grey areas which inevitably exist between two points of view.”


The trips made one remember similar trips of yesteryears


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A psychologist, interested in mindfulness practices. I practiced medicine as a radiologist for 23 years in India and Libya as a radiologist before shifting to Canada. A regular diarist, journaling since 1983 Reading journal : gracereadings.com
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