Musings with Tortoises

“ A process journal is not a diary, which means instead of recording history, I will use it to plan, record meetings, explore –store-reflect on ideas and work is well illustrated at the different stages of the project.”

From the process journal of my son-who did a project on Chelonians.

Following a project over a period of time makes one examine an issue in greater depth from different aspects.  This made me ask whether he has met a practicing naturalist.

A true conservationist is
a man who knows that
the world is not given by
his fathers, but borrowed
from his children.

– John James Audubon

South Peel Naturalist Club

Other questions which came out of reviewing the process journal are

1.Go through the process journal again, and see how this project  changed your approach.

I know that I should not do work just before it’s due because then I will have too much to do at a time and not do it very well as I will be in a hurry. Reading the process journal reinforced this to me.

  1. Name any project have you participated in before this?

Invention Convention.

  1. In future, if you take part in a project, what points will you improve upon, based on the changed approach, having gone through this experience.

After reading the process journal, the idea that you should always choose topics with care was reinforced to me to avoid changing the topic repeatedly.


The petition has got over 800 signatures.


The legal battle started when Gilead Power Corporation, a renewable energy development company, received approval from the Ontario Ministry of the Environment to construct a wind energy park in Prince Edward County. Naturalists from the area weren’t happy with this decision, because Ostrander Point, where the wind energy park is planned to be built, is a place the Blanding’s turtle, a species that’s already endangered, calls home. The Environmental Review Tribunal supported them and overturned the Ministry of Environment’s decision, but the corporation was supported by the Divisional Court of Ontario. Gilead Power hopes that a decision in its favor is reached soon, so that it can start its inhumane destruction of an untouched land that’s greenery has been enjoyed by many, and of an animal that’s lived there since before humans ever existed.


Mathew gave me the first tortoises..when he was going on a holiday to India-2008

Whenever I see them, my thoughts go back to the  many times I have spent with my friend Mathew, the trip to Gharian searching for the Anti-Gravity point  (which we never located), the trip to Ghadames, (2004) watching sunsets over the Sahara, the fishing at Tirq Shaat feeling the gentle Mediterranean breeze.

The lovely chicken curry he makes-Farnaaj and Ghadames evenings. The Pakoras at Bengashir. The desert tortoise which he has given to me, to keep in my back terrace.

 2004 sunset sahara


About prashant bhatt

A psychologist, interested in mindfulness practices. I practiced medicine as a radiologist for 23 years in India and Libya as a radiologist before shifting to Canada. A regular diarist, journaling since 1983 Reading journal :
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1 Response to Musings with Tortoises

  1. divyakshat says:

    Anti gravity supposed to be in outer space ……. then in earth!!! …..
    Don’t know if ever existed on the earth’s crust. …. hmmm surprised!!!

    Tortoise truely are endangering at very high rate…..conversation is must!! Along with the point . …. that there must somehow be the eco-friendly technologies required for coping those species with the evolution of present nature. …

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