Searching for alternative perspectives

Searching for alternative perspectives and ways of looking at things.

Feeling out of place

Feeling out of place or unwanted or not part of the organization was what one of the administrators made to some of my colleagues feel after they weathered the journey back, leaving family and friends.  Seeking to  lessen the hurt, I suggested to my colleagues to come and attend our small weekly discussion group.

Safety procedures

When we discuss scientific technical issues these types of petty politicking will reduce and recede into the background.  I asked him regarding any safety procedures he has in his clinic.

The knee-jerk response was “No-there is no guideline or protocol.”

But on asking some questions regarding the biological, chemical, ergonomic issues involved under the headings of service provider, persons to whom he is serving, responsibilities of employer and employee, he came out with a wonderful list of issues which his particular department has to address.

“I will go through the Occupational Heath and Safety guidelines which you have given to me over the weekend and make a organization-specific checklist under various headings,” he said, feeling a bit better after the past few days of unnecessary wrangling and petty politicking.

Hope we will have a feedback after a week.

Architecture and usage

Do you know a building which has been used for any other purpose in the past?

The knee –jerk response of my friend was that he was not aware of any such building or premises.

What about the St.George, Greek Orthodox Church of Medina, The Old City of Tripoli?

The premises of this building which has been present in some form since 1647 have been used as a Turkish prison in the past, and some parts of it are used as  a school today.

Part of the premises are used today to house the  church and community centre.

He started thinking and said that the Indian Community School of Tripoli was housed in a premise which was earlier used for residential purposes.

Next week we will try to examine some other buildings in our city which have been previously used for other purposes.

If you see carefully, there is a young man using this bridge as a slide

If you see carefully, there is a young man using this bridge as a slide..Alternative use of structures..Seeking new perspectives..

Feeling of a place

Hopefully, through these narratives of scientific technical issues and cultural nuances of the place we stay in, my friend will feel a bit more welcome.


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A psychologist, interested in mindfulness practices. I practiced medicine as a radiologist for 23 years in India and Libya as a radiologist before shifting to Canada. A regular diarist, journaling since 1983 Reading journal :
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