Night train to Luxor

 The Temple of Luxor-Egpyt.
“Luxor will be as interesting than Alexandria”
I made friends with a guide who opened me to 

Night photography at the temples of Luxor 
and Karnak was an added bonus.
So I caught the night train to Luxor.
.A pilgrimage to the place where Howard 
Carter discovered the tomb of Tutankhamen 
in 1922.
 Some say, he had already discovered the 
tomb earlier, but only declared it when his 
contract was to end, so that it would be 
renewed. (lessons for us all)
Other travelers
I usually travel alone (physically).
Remembered Tagore’s great composition
chal akelaa, chal akelaa, chal akelaa
teraa melaa peechhe chhootaa raahee 
chal akelaa
hajaaro meel lanbe raasate, tuz ko bulaate
yahaa dukhade sahane ke waasate tuz ko bulaate
hai kaun saa wo insaan yahaa par jisane 
dukh naa zelaa
teraa koee saath naa de to, too khud se 
pareet jod le
bichhaunaa dharatee ko kar ke, are aakaash 
odh le
yahaa pooraa khel abhee jeewan kaa toone 
kahaa hain khelaa
Movie :Sambandh
Sung by:Mukesh
Lyrics:Rabindranath Tagore
Roughly Translated
Go on alone,go on alone
Your fairs remain behind , traveler go on alone.
Roads which are thousands of miles long, 
call you.
They call you to listen to their tales of 
triumph and tragedy
Which is that human who has not met grief.
If no one accompanies you, make friends with 
Make the earth your bed, the sky your blanket
The full game of life, you have not played yet.
Traveler…Go on alone, go on alone
However, one is rarely alone on these journeys.
If you see, there are always many 
illustrious travelers who have traveled 
these paths before. One has just to look.
Maxime Du camp-Triumph of Photography 
One of the pioneers of photography was 
Maxime Du Camp-
(Born-Paris-1822 died Baden Baden(Germany)- 1894) 
 Du Camp’s special mission was to document 
certain sites in Egypt and the Near East. 
His photographs have figured constantly 
in the history of the medium as symbolizing 
the triumph of photography. 
Traditionally the medium has been associated 
with transient moments, whereas art proper 
has kept company with eternity.
So, one is never alone in these travels. 
In fact I prefer to not have company which 
can be a bit toxic at times.
That way, traveling alone, one can be one
 with the Vibrations which are much more 
profound and lasting.
Chal Akela..Chal Akela…Traveler..go on alone..

About prashant bhatt

A psychologist, interested in mindfulness practices. I practiced medicine as a radiologist for 23 years in India and Libya as a radiologist before shifting to Canada. A regular diarist, journaling since 1983 Reading journal :
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8 Responses to Night train to Luxor

  1. jyoti bhatt says:

    madiralay jane ko ghar se ,chalta hai peene wala;kis path se jaun asmanjas me hai wo bhola bhala; alag alag path batlate sab , par main ye batlata hoon; raah pakad tu ek chalachal pa jaega madhushala. chalne hee chalne me kitna, jeevan hai bita dala! door abhi hai, par kahta hai, har path batlanewala; himmat hai na badhoon age ko, saahas hai na firoon peechey; kinkartavyavimoorh mujhe kar , door khadi hai madhushala! aur badha chal pathik, na tujhko, door lagegi madhushala. bas aa pahunche ,door nahi kuch; chaar kadam ab chalna hai; chahak rahe sun peenewale, mahak rahi, le madhushala!—-‘The Journey’ was the only ‘destination’…….

    • Well said Jyoti..reminds me of Andre Breton’s works in Surrealism

      Such is the belief in life, in the most precarious aspects of life, by which is meant real life, that in the end belief is lost. Man, that inveterate dreamer, more and more discontented day by day with his fate, orbits with difficulty around the objects he has been led to make use of, those which indifference has handed him, or his own efforts, almost always his efforts, since he has consented to labour, at least he has not been averse to chancing his luck (what he calls his luck!).

  2. jyoti bhatt says:

    Surrealism attempts to express the workings of the subconscious & is characterized by fantastic imagery & incongruous juxtaposition of subject matter in order to include unconscious & dream elements.In ”Elemental Mind;Human Consciousness & the new Physics-Nick Herbert Phd. describes the mathematical foundations of modern physics-what the maths seems to say is that, between observations ,the world exists not as a solid actuality but only as shimmering waves of possibilities….. whenever it is looked at, the atom stops vibrating & objectifies one of its many possibilities. Whenever someone chooses to look at it, the atom ceases its fuzzy dance, & seems to freeze into a tiny object with definite attributes, only to dissolve once more into a quivering pool of possibilities as soon as the observer withdraws his attention from it. This apparent observer induced change in an atom’s mode of existence is called ”the collapse of the wave function/ the quantum jump”. John von Neuman proposed that something new must be added to ”collapse the wave function” something that is capable of turning fuzzy quantum possibilities into definite actualities.. But since Neuman is forced to describe the entire physical world as possibilities , the process that turns some of these maybes into actual facts cannot be a physical process…searching his mind for an appropriate actually existing non physical entity that could collapse the wave function, Von Neuman reluctantly concluded that the only known entity fit for this task was consciousness. In Neuman’s interpretation, the world remains everywhere in a state of pure possibility except where some conscious mind decides to promote a portion of the world from its usual state of indefiniteness into a condition of actual existence….By itself the physical world is not fully real, but takes shape only as a result of the acts of numerous centres of consciousness. Ironically , this conclusion comes not from some otherworldly mystic examining the depths of his mind in private medtation, but from one of the world’s most practical mathematecians deducing the logical consequences of a highly successful & purely materialistic model of the world……This mind blowing revelation has put to rest ,my terrifying existential paradox of the real , the surreal , the unreal & so on…..though the mind still goes into paroxysms of wonderment , each time this apprisal crosses its inroads!!!!Thought you’d find it mesmerising too!!!

  3. jyoti bhatt says:

    Ah!! The Lodi Garden–it beckoned me ,the last time I passed it; & I deigned to comply(as it usually is–have to catch a train… to catch up with relatives, attend conferences……it goes on & on..).it takes ages, I suppose to realize the need & the worth of quiet walks in the solitude of nature…perhaps watching yourself as you casually watch the woods , the trees , the flowers; not having a dialogue with yourself…….one can be one with the vibrations…profound & lasting

  4. jyoti bhatt says:

    very pragmatic tip! & I can manage to do that , as its (supposedly)easy to convince ‘oneself ‘for the meeting!!!,as the charms galore at dawn…mystique.misty in winters…real..surreal..

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