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Reading places- Gulhane Park-Sultanahmet Istanbul

Reading at Gulhane Park reminded me of some other reading places where I have enjoyed

the many flavors of art and literature in scenic environments Continue reading

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Reading clubs again

Reading Groups in Tripoli..He beautifully wrote of the two slogans which the Khmer Rouge used –
“Power flows through the barrel of the gun”…and ‘You cannot make omellettes without breaking eggs’
What he saw in Cambodia, he had read in Calcutta, in the early seventies.Maoist rhetoric.
As one old Bengali friend, a sensitive human being, a keen photographer and teacher
-Tirtha Das Gupta (TDG) once told me, sipping tea in the School of Fototechnik at Bhogal Delhi,
“The Naxalite movement put the people’s movements back by decades” Continue reading


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Some meals, night shots and journeys

Look at the city when it is asleep..A gift of Night Photography.     While packing to prepare for another trip, I was sorting out some of my old papers and memorabilia. “You have a museum in your house?” one … Continue reading

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