Readers and Walkers – Remembering my uncle – a great mentor

Port Credit Mississauga-
One of our Thinking places
Reading in the open is different from reading in a closed space- some lessons I learned from my uncle

If a farmer who lived in 1000 AD woke up in 1500 AD he would still identify with many elements of life in medieval Europe or Asia . But if a farmer or factory worker of Delhi Agra or Toronto or Paris of 1500 woke up to the ring tone of a smartphone in 21 st century, he may be very surprised and wonder whether he has woken up in Heaven ( or Hell) .

( paraphrased for discussion from Yuval Harari’s book – Sapiens for an afternoon discussion over samosas in Erindale park Mississauga- May 29-2021)

Burloak Waterfront – Burlington Ontario
Morning meditations


As we sat on the banks of Credit river and the historic Erindale region of Mississauga, the mind’s eye went back to my uncle, who through his example over the decades, taught me about nurturing a library, building a reading journal and weaving it with walks near rivers ( Ganga Rishikesh- India we started these walks in 1970 s )


Ramjhula – Rishikesh – Uttarakhand
Evening prayers meditations

My father and maternal grandfather gave me the gift of the morning hour when night turns into day.


My uncles helped refine these walks through trips to Landour Mussoorie ( Uttarakhand India ) and Ramjhula – Laxman Jhula areas of Rishikesh.

Reading the same book in the open ( a park, mountain, riverside, lake) is a different experience than reading it sitting in a closed space ( room, library, bus, train)

So as my uncle passed to the other side Eternity- till we meet and read together again, I went through some pages of Rain in the Mountains by Ruskin Bond

– books which we read and loved together .


People we love become part of our biographies

Certainly we retain memories of that individual- memories that continue to inform , advise and guide us. Memories also nurture and warm our very being.

People we love become part of our biographies.

We cannot really separate ourselves from them. They have left an indelible mark on who we are, how we see ourselves. Being my sister and brother’s kid brother, as well as my mother and father’s son, help define the person I have become

( Paraphrased from Dr K Doka’s book – Grief is a journey)

Our readings and walks continue

READINGS – At Forks of Credit Ontario

From The Road Less Traveled – M Scott Peck

The lessons continue

Whenever I will read in the open, I will remember and feel your presence

Ontario Walks 2021- Jan

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2 Responses to Readers and Walkers – Remembering my uncle – a great mentor

  1. divyakshat says:

    I liked 2006’s ramjhula…. it was really an epic back then…
    An the frame is delightful to the viewers.
    Today, the same ramjhula has been colored though many find it attractive…. but earlier it was beautiful….

  2. Thanks Akshu , regards

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