Musings on Art-How do you paint a dream?


In 2005 I did a six month course in Photography in India. This led me to get more close to a community of creatives who are different from the world of medicine (of which I was part of since my childhood)


The art of photography made me engage with my city of youth-Delhi in a more intimate manner- as the Instructor told us to make portfolios with the headings of (1) Portraits (2) Monuments (3)Still Life (4) Daily life (5) Interiors (6) Wild life (7) Any one picture of choice.


 This quest took me to a Wildlife sanctuary (Bharatpur-a UNESCO designated world heritage site) , introduce a Photo-Journalist of Reuters to some monuments of Delhi (St.James Church-the oldest functioning church in Delhi region established 1836) and see the emblems and momentoes of my father-33 years in Indian Army – in a different way- as I brought these to the School of Photography


I went deeper into the history of the medium, which led me to the history of photography and read -research themes of French Impressionism-the urban space of Paris in 1850-1870 period and how these impacted consciousness of humans, the impressionist painters..(on ongoing journey)

I saw a special exhibition on Impressionism in the Age of Industry-Art Gallery of Ontario-2019- and could relate to the different facets of this movement in a different way- due to the course in Photography which I took in 2005


ART -2019- Discussing Surrealism in Art Gallery of Ontario

How do you Paint a Dream? …Explorations at AGO

Many lovely hours thinking, communing, reflecting here..One of my favorite thinking places.


As the Royal Ontario Museum re-opens- we go back to the work tables and galleries of this great institution, and reconnect with the different exhibits.

JUNE 2020

Around Father’s day- we went for walks around Burlington, Hamilton. The downtown of Hamilton has a very different feel from the downtown of Mississauga, my sons noted. Association with the art gallery of Hamilton added a different flavour to our Canada journey. In 2017- observing Canada 150 there was an interesting exhibition on Coppley

Sara Angelucci (Canadian b. 1962)

Mano D’Oro. Tack buttonhole    2016

Coppley has operated continuously in the same white stone building on York Boulevard since 1883, and has employed every wave of new immigrants to the city, including Angelucci’s late mother Nina, who arrived in Hamilton in 1957.


IN SEARCH OF MANWEL DIMECH- Maltese philosopher, novelist, founding father
25 December 1860 – 17 April 1921
Once out of prison in 1897,[19] Dimech embarked on an outstanding public career that brought him fame, though not immediate success. From the start of 1898 he issued a weekly in Maltese that was to serve him as his mouthpiece for many years to come. He called it Il-Bandiera tal-Maltin (The Flag of the Maltese; pronounced ilbaandeera taal maaltin) (WIKIPEDIA
VALLETTA-MALTA-2010-Sagar and Sahil-overlooking the harbour, Manwel Dimech was born in Valletta in 1860


Around Father’s day- we went for walks around Burlington, Hamilton. The downtown of Hamilton has a very different feel from the downtown of Mississauga, my sons noted.

8 January 1921 – 20 November 1989) was an Italian writer, novelist, essayist, playwright, and politician
Sciascia’s first work, Favole della dittatura (Fables of the Dictatorship), a satire on fascism in Italy, was published in 1950 and included 27 short poems.[2] This was followed in 1952 by La Sicilia, il suo cuore (Sicily, His Heart), also a poetry collection, illustrated by Emilio Greco. The following year Sciascia won the Premio Pirandello, awarded by the Sicilian Region, for his essay “Pirandello e il pirandellismo” (“Pirandello and Pirandellism”).


As I tried to walk through the concept- of how do you paint a dream, I took my sons

through the writings and thoughts of writers like Manwel Dimech of Malta, Leonardo

Sciascia of Italy, the art exhibitions of Surrealists, and modern artists like Sara

Angelucci whose mother worked in Coppleys- York Blvd-Hamilton , having arrived

in Canada in 1957.

As immigrants from India, who have stayed in Libya, Malta before coming to

Canada, we could relate to the works of Angelucci, Sciascia is in a different way.

Was I able to answer the question- How do you paint a dream?

This will be answered by my coming years and walks.

Toronto Ornithological Club

Archives in ROM – Established 1934


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