Zoos we walked in -Covid19 lockdown notes

Lock down notes-Reconnecting with institutions we have been associated with.


2015-Sahil walks with Giant Panda

In our home library, we have books, journals (personal diaries and  subject specific journals) and albums of photographs (some of which have been converted into videos).

As we have more time now, it is a phase in which we will look back at some of our associations with these institutions

We have been members of different institutions of Toronto area. One of them is the Toronto Zoo.

In November 2015 issue of Toronto Zoo- (Wildlife) the Chair of Toronto Zoo Board of Management-Dr Raymond Cho said

“ The role of the Toronto zoo has progressively evolved since its doors were first opened 41 years ago, becoming pioneers in preserving and breeding endangered species from around the world. The behind-the-scenes work done here at the Toronto Zoo is critical to the ongoing survival of many of the world’s most vulnerable species, such as the black-footed ferret, Vancouver Island marmot, eastern loggerhead shrike, Puerto Rican Crested toad, trumpeter swan and others.”

2016-MAY-Toronto zoo-



The first zoo which I remember visiting was the Peshwa Park zoo of Pune. We had many picnics and family outings there.

In 1953 the Pune Municipal Corporation created Peshwe Park on about 7 acres (2.8 ha) where Madhavrao Peshwe had established a private menagerie in 1770. Located in the heart of the city at the base of Parvati Hill, this zoo exhibited animals in traditional cages(Wikipedia)


2015 Toronto


When our children were small, we made trips to Jijamata Udyan, the Bhau Daji Laad museum and saw many interesting artefacts of different cultures.

In 1835, British administration granted a large plot of land in Sewri to the Agro Horticultural Society of Western India for a botanical garden. That land was later acquired for a European burial ground. In 1861, construction of a new garden was commenced on 33 acres in the Mount Estate, Mazgaon (now included in Byculla).

10.3 2004 at tripoli zoo


The flora from Sewri garden was transferred to this new garden named Victoria Gardens which was formally opened to the public by Lady Frere on 19 November 1862. Agro Horticultural Society of Western India continued to maintain Victoria Gardens till 1873 when the society’s end led to the municipal corporation taking over the garden’s upkeep. In 1890 the garden was extended by 15 acres especially for the zoo.(Wikipedia)




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