Walks and reunions in Malta

After finishing some interesting discussions, meeting some old friends and wandering around in the backstreets of Parel, Colaba, Malad, Thane, discussing many nuances


I boarded the 4.20 flight to Dubai enroute to Malta with a heavy heart.

Returning to the Mediterranean

This home coming was different.

In these months, some people showed sympathy, some showed patronizing

condescension and others just prayed that this ordeal will be over.

Some people warned me not to stick my neck out too much by writing
Jago-Re “Wake-Up” articles.  www.chowk.com/writers/2323

“ Do not think people cannot understand what you mean
by Passing Sidi Gaber


or what type of Night-Watchmen( http://www.chowk.com/Views/World/The-Night-watch-Seeking-for-Lost-Time)

you are referring to” a genuine well-wisher told me.

We searched for lost time.

The past month has been one of long walks, visits to the Himalayas for a very
personal reason and many reunions with friends and family, chewing grass on the
lawns of Lodhi gardens and India Gate. Some water has flown past, some breeze
has blown


When my visa was ready my dear friend and nephew Mayank was very upset.

Mayank doing Rolly-Polly at Sher Mandal-Old Fort-Delhi

“Give me the passport and I will tear off the visa page. Who is going to take me to
watch the paintings in National gallery and read books at Bahrisons Kidz of
Khan market?”

Enrich your life with a read a day


is a creed I want to instil in the children.

We went to Sri Ram Centre and watched the comedy-Taj Mahal Ka tender.

Remembering some kindness

As I sat with at friends in Spinola Bay of St.Julian’s Malta, and recalled some
journeys and vibrations, the need for the children to come out of their shells
came through.

The Mediterranean charms have been kind to me and
added a richness to life which I had never envisaged.

and taught me about humanity and its nuances



The past week has been busy remembering some old friends, reunions and  new meetings and catching up with the ‘town gossip’.

Sahil learning Map reading and sailing from David Millner

Exploring Comino caves-Mamta and Sagar with David Millner

An interesting evening with a man of the sea-David Millner. He is

living the words- We are not human beings have a spiritual experience

but spiritual beings having a human experience

Remembering some old walks


With Malta’s “Tai-Chi” Lady, Elena at Sliema Preluna Waterfront

The Indian Community in Malta has maintained their traditions.



After these outings, it is a lovely idea to go and feel the breeze by the sea

on a lovely early morning walk.

St.George Bay

Walks through Malta open new horizons.

Will you come for a long walk with us?


About prashant bhatt

A psychologist, interested in mindfulness practices. I practiced medicine as a radiologist for 23 years in India and Libya as a radiologist before shifting to Canada. A regular diarist, journaling since 1983 Reading journal : gracereadings.com
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  1. Santosh Khot says:

    hi sir
    kya baat hai
    ekdum majame hai

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