global-pagodaunder-constructionview-from-ferryMy friend Sandeep Buddhdeo has done two 10 day courses

           Of Vipasana Meditation at Igatpuri where they have to keep

            Absolutely quiet for the entire period.


            “No non-verbal communications are allowed” he told me.


            “Those not following the norms are told to leave and cannot

            Participate in the future. They have a systematic database.”


            Mamta took me to the Vipasana centre which is being built next

            To Essel world. A nice ferry ride


            I remember the times when they were creating Essel World.


            Now this site is under construction


About prashant bhatt

A doctor in Imaging, photographer, writer likes to read and travel. A regular diarist, journaling since 1983 Reading journal :
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