Xlendi to Bobcageon

Roses in Candlestick- Mississauga -2020-9
Our home in Ontario- Canada
Got from Terra Burlington
Dundas – Niagara Escarpment
area -2018
Pigeon Lake- Bobcageon- 2020-August
There are no great acts
There are only small acts
done with great love – Mother Teresa

The Garden diaries 2020-September
Sahil Rowing 2020-August

Discussing the 3 R s
Reflect Repair Recreate
Our many journeys together

Bobcageon Mornings Aug 2020
Sagar – Rowing – Bobcageon- August 2020

Discussion- on 100 days planning ahead system- a tool which my father PNB taught me

Xlendi – Gozo – 2010- December

Gozo – 2010- October

Azure Window

The “non-profit” institution neither supplies goods or services nor controls. Its “product” is neither a pair of shoes nor an effective regulation. Its product is a changed human being. The non-profit institutions are human-change agents. Their “product” is a cured patient, a child that learns, a young man or woman grown into a self-respecting adult; a changed human life altogether.

Peter Drucker – Managing the Non Profit

Xlendi Gozo- 2010-12

Many hours reflecting on our Readings and discussions –

St Edwards Cottonera – Malta

Sahil and Papa ( PB) – 2010

Our Journeys together
Sahil with Papa ( PB)
2017- Jan – Royal Ontario Museum

He became taller than me at age 15
in 2015

Our Journeys together
Sahil – PB

at Graydon Rock – Mississauga. First trip after
lifting up of Corona lockdown- 2020- June

Sahil studied in Gordon Graydon school Mississauga 2014-2018
Sabratha – Libya North Africa- 2004 April

Exploring histories, continents, civilizations together. Our family has a deep connection with Africa .

As we reflected on some of our journeys together while rowing in Pigeon Lake Bobcageon- I thought about family as a place to nurture, grow and be changed human beings – as written by many writers

Corona lockdown 2020 has made us think on priorities and the fragility of humans .


About prashant bhatt

A psychologist, interested in mindfulness practices. I practiced medicine as a radiologist for 23 years in India and Libya as a radiologist before shifting to Canada. A regular diarist, journaling since 1983 Reading journal : gracereadings.com
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