Reading walking trails

Betty Sutherland trail

Many lovely hours reading on these trails. Later went to meet a friend

Last time we had discussed Munro’s -Runwaway. This time I went through Nadine Gordimer’s – Burger’s daughter

Can a white man have an ideology which
can make him support the cause of the blacks? Lionel Burger was viewed ad a misguided person who could have been prime minister had he not been a traitor and ended up in jail for his beliefs.


Sahmat is 25 years. Seeing this exhibition at art Gallery of Mississauga brought back many memories.

In India the caste – class question replaces the black unity and class question faced in South Africa.


The port Credit area has many rich histories

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A doctor in Imaging, photographer, writer likes to read and travel. A regular diarist, journaling since 1983 Reading journal :
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