To those of us who have everything and those of us who have nothing

Do you have stomach for another evacuation?

Some thought-readings and friends-travelers-help along the way.

Evacuations and related notes

Touch and go

Was remembering a similar situation in 2011

Some poem thoughts had helped guide us through

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Studs Terkel’s Memoir “Touch and Go”.

“ Miss Addams understood why each person had become what he was.

She didn’t condemn because she understood what life does to  people

To those of us who have everything and those of us who have nothing.”

We persevered

Then Abu Shafshoofa was removed from power

Again some poem thoughts came to mind

“My family is in Tunisia, my brother is in cemetery.” This sad refrain by a colleague summarized the predicament of thousands of Libyans.

“We have run out of drinking water and are using the water condensed from the air-conditioner for drinking” one veteran told with a heavy voice.

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One year on-what is the change

Remembered these notes of 2012

A senior diplomat probed any real change in the hierarchy.

The Labour ministry officials are the same. However, they are not taking any decisions as they do not want to take any responsibility. There is uncertainty as to whether their words will be honoured by any future authority.

One official put it like this.

“ You can keep doing the work as per the contract. But do not expect anything from my side, as I do not know how things will be in future.”

Now it is different

There is very fluid uncertain condition now.

Arranged to evacuate ten persons via Tunisia border.

We did our farewells.


 Paratha Memories

Had this last treat-with Mrs.Kala Pareek who is one of the best cooks I have come across.

Many Tripoli treats….over the years.

Now these will be a fond memory


Did one more last interview with Dr.Singh.

“Don’t say you understand situation here. No one understands the situation here,” he said, paraphrasing Abu Shafshoofa

Area 27.on the way to Zanzour

Evacuations were postponed due to fighting on the way

Today morning, the fighting stopped.

But none of the potential evacuees want to take the risk due to uncertain conditions.

Staff housing

The Filipinos have been shifted to within the campus. Our hospital is in the premises which previously used to house the US Embassy

Airport Road

The doctor-radiologist with me has a house in Airport road. She has evacuated.

Husband-teacher-has gone to Egypt to search for a job, try his luck.

She is staying with her brother-homeless within her own country

Yesterday-we tried to search for a house on rent for her.

Libyans are not very interested in renting out to Libyans .



My technician-Ammar-has not been coming for past 15 days.

It is not possible to come from that area where there is intense fighting.

 He has shifted to some safer place with his family.


The Tripoli Reading Group-a heterogeneous group of intellectuals bide their time with interesting readings-discussions. The EPW special edition on “Oral History” made some interesting reference points.(July 26-2014)

Last year-2013-August we had reviewed some works of the Indian nation-related to partition, emergence of new nation, corrupt layers, diaspora.

One session started with Edward Said’s “Orientalism” in
which the concept of the West speaking for the silenced subalterns
of the Orient is exposed. The relevance in today’s world and psyche
of Indian subcontinent can be gauged by the inner life of the legendary runner Milkha Singh which is portrayed in the movie -“Bhaag Milkha Bhaag”

Stomach for another evacuation

The many flavours of the Arab spring continue to impact our world.

Many friends come across these struggles- reading and finding voices similar to Henry Mayhew …in Tripoli.

HENRY MAYHEW- writer of London labour and London Poor – 1851


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A psychologist, interested in mindfulness practices. I practiced medicine as a radiologist for 23 years in India and Libya as a radiologist before shifting to Canada. A regular diarist, journaling since 1983 Reading journal :
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