Who is motivated? -Lessons from “Dog Biscuit”.

Who is motivated-I or the dog?

The dog wants the biscuit, but it is I who wants it to move

From “One more time, how do you motivate employees”

Frederick Herzberg, Harvard Business Review

12th May-International Nurses Day is observed on the  birthday of Florence Nightingale, one of the founders of modern Nursing practices. We had some interesting discussions and readings on the theme of Clinical governance through the nursing perspective. The issue of motivation of expatriate nursing staff of different nationalities came up in the context of public sector and private clinics in Libya.

Job enrichment or KITA

The surest way of getting someone to do something is to deliver a kick in the pants-put bluntly the KITA. But while a KITA might produce some change in behavior, it doesn’t motivate.

An employee with an internal generator does not need a KITA.

In case of expatriate workers who have left something behind with a particular aim , there is usually some level of internal generator.

Professionals association

One veteran remembered how they would organize training and orientation programs on International Nurses Day in Tripoli. Things are in limbo due to the current situation. However, the professionals do meet regularly, discuss issues in different chapters and there is an ongoing effort to get things more organized. The association is mainly organized by Philippino staff but other nationalities also help.

KITA or Dog biscuit?

What is the model your “Mudir” uses ? Or can you fit him into any particular category?

The question led to some interesting responses from the expatriate workers of different nationalities.

The universality of issues facing working people irrespective of their nationalities came up.

Clinical governance: Who is motivated-I or the dog?

Clinical governance regarding ward arrangements, coordination with different treating specialties, pharmacy, operation room, and the interfaces involved was one issue which nursing professionals brought up. The different levels of training and motivation of the staff in the care area and the lack of any guiding program by the senior local nursing directors was an area where they can work upon together.

While musing on these issues, one veteran was wondering who is the “dog” to be motivated? The nursing professional who is giving care  or the administrator who is overseeing visa-salary and gratuity-leave issues or the patient-relative who is trying to work through the system.

 The dog wants the biscuit, but it is I who wants it to move

“It all depends on the situation, and who is on the receiving end” one veteran summarized.

“ But for many of our staff contract related issues, the refrain is Bukra-tomorrow, when it comes to their service issues-it is Tawwa-immediately”

Motivation in such circumstances will be better effected by trying to collectively discuss and formulate a joint action plan. Sharing clinical knowledge and experiences and also the different local administrative issues will help. The professionals association is divided into chapters depending on local districts and each chapter has around 25 members. Charting their “Everyday histories” can be a way forward.

Lessons from “Dog Biscuit”

12th May-International Nurses day  we tried to map out different processes related to service and contract issues in the context of present day Libya. The motivation and training issues are blended into the complex dynamics of expatriate workers issues, (visa, salary transfers, travel, gratuity). Who wants to move and how do we try to define the “Dog biscuit” can be an interesting creative joint exercise.

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