Party invitation


Last week I could not go to a party which he was hosting in his house. I got the invite on the net, but told him that as I am in Malad-Mumbai I will not be able to come for the get together at his house at Bengashir-Tripoli.


“But we will meet when I return” I wrote


Moonlit journey


It was in different circumstances that I made this journey past the Salahaddin crossing towards Bengashir on a full moon night watching the Outer Tripoli landscapes.


“Your friend Mathews has met with an accident” Dr.Laxman rang me up. Dr.Laxman is an old Libya veteran, children settled in US, and he, happy in the Mediterranean charm.

Last time we met was at Tirq Shaat-The seafront-doing fishing.




“You will break all the records of Libya” I told Mathew as I walked into room number 6, on the second floor of Al-Afia.


He smiled, though he was obviously in a lot of pain. And Mathew is a tough guy. A couple of fractures as his stationary car was hit, as he waited to take a roundabout.


The pneuomothorax which developed a couple of hours later was the dangerous thing, but was promptly taken care of. He is much better now.




Cooking in Ghadames-Libya-Nov 2004 1-mathew-cooking-at-ghadames

I thought of the many times I have spent with my friend Mathew, the trip to Gharian searching for the Anti-Gravity point  (which we never located), the trip to Ghadames, watching sunsets over the Sahara, the fishing at Tirq Shaat feeling the gentle Mediterranean breeze. The lovely chicken curry he makes-Farnaaj and Ghadames evenings. The Pakoras at Bengashir. The desert tortoise which he has given to me, to keep in my back terrace.


Fishing at Tirq Shaat-Tripoli-Nov 2008



The moon shone brightly over the palms, as we raced back to Jraba.

Will go and read some nice things to Mathew tomorrow.( and get his caustic sick ‘expert’comments)


Hope to have some argumentative times again-over chicken curry and fish fry


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A psychologist, interested in mindfulness practices. I practiced medicine as a radiologist for 23 years in India and Libya as a radiologist before shifting to Canada. A regular diarist, journaling since 1983 Reading journal :
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