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Hagia Sophia

HAGIA SOPHIA The domes have spectacular light and shade effects Mosaic. The faces of St John and Virgin Mary are said to be serious as they are asking Jesus to forgive. The gardens,columns, arches and mosaics speak across millenia. The … Continue reading

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Bosphorus cruise

Understanding the connections between sea of Marmara, Bosphorus, Black sea and Byzantine, Ottomans, modern times whole cruising through this marvellous natural wonder Continue reading

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Mevlana Walks-Konya..A lesson on Mentorship

The relation between Shams of Tibriz and Jalaluddin, the scholar -legal expert who turned into a mystic after contact with Shams is one of the great mentorship stories. Many come to pay their homage to Jalalaluddin, whom the name Rumi … Continue reading

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