Walks during Fall

Planted the 3rd square from the North end on the east side
of the garden
From the diary of Daniel Read-May 5,1796 (1)

Wilket Creek Park Central Don Toronto

Wilket Creek Park Central Don Toronto

The Toronto Botanical Gardens in Edwards garden-Wilket Creek park area of Central Don has a very interesting library. I spent some peaceful hours reading about the evolution of landscapes and gardens for historic buildings. This reminded me of the many lovely hours over the decades I have spent walking and reading in such parks, gardens in India, Libya, Malta.

Sunny Brook Park, Central Don-Toronto

Sunny Brook Park, Central Don-Toronto

The Lodhi gardens and Humayun tomb areas of Delhi have many interesting memories. Sitting on the tomb steps of Bada Gumbad-Sheesh Gumbad- (The Big Tomb, the Glass tomb) have kindled many discussions. The Lodhi gardens was inaugurated on April 9,1936, and was known as Lady Willingdon Park. It was earlier a village of Khairpur. The area has a bridge with eight arches -Athpula- which is one of the few structures of the period of the reign of Akbar. Four generations of our family have walked in this area .

In Libya, the eastern and western Libyan coastlines reflect their Greek and Roman pasts. The ancient city of Cyrene is modern day Shahat and has some lovely slopes which merge into the blue-green Mediterranean. Walking these paths makes one feel closer to persons like Simon of Cyrene who helped Jesus carry the cross. The Tobruk war cemeteries have beautiful gardens associated with them. The Commonwealth, German and French cemeteries are all unique in their own ways. The gardens associated with the Shara Mansoori cemetery of Tripoli-the Italian times cemetery and the Commonwealth war graves cemetery have led to many interesting links and associations with families who made Tripoli their home, 30,50 ,100 and even 150 years ago.

Ras Al Hilal, Eastern Libya

Ras Al Hilal, Eastern Libya

The Maltese coastlines have some beautiful gardens-and areas for walking. The Xlendi area of Gozo is particularly peaceful in the winters. An ancient ship wreck was discovered here a few decades ago. The Calypso cave overlooks the Ramla bay, where legend has it that Ulysses spent many years, on his way back from Troy. The oldest free standing structure known to man -The Gjantiga temples are another interesting spot in Gozo.
In next note, I recall some personal gardens in Pune, Banaras, Delhi regions.

1.In possession of New Haven Colony Historical Society ,New Haven, Connecticut
Sourced from Landscapes and Gardens for historic buildings
Rudy Favretti, Joy Putman Favretti, American Association for State and Local History


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A 200 year old work table

The work table also had a more personal purpose , as in this example which is fitted with an adjustable writing board. It is a reminder of the lost art of personal writing where, through letters, diaries and journals, women contributed greatly to the preservation of memories of the past

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Darwin’s dreamponds

The walk through the zoo brought back many memories and created new ones.


The cub will complete one year on Nov 9.


Adopting an animal adds connection


The cichlids of Lake Malawi


The Giant panda

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Ontario science centre

The rock music and science special exhibition gave many insights. This can be applied to any field..be it automobiles, medicine,

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Reading walking trails

Betty Sutherland trail

Many lovely hours reading on these trails. Later went to meet a friend

Last time we had discussed Munro’s -Runwaway. This time I went through Nadine Gordimer’s – Burger’s daughter

Can a white man have an ideology which
can make him support the cause of the blacks? Lionel Burger was viewed ad a misguided person who could have been prime minister had he not been a traitor and ended up in jail for his beliefs.


Sahmat is 25 years. Seeing this exhibition at art Gallery of Mississauga brought back many memories.

In India the caste – class question replaces the black unity and class question faced in South Africa.


The port Credit area has many rich histories

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Of Letters and Prayers-On Gandhi Jayanti


Remembering Gandhi – ji, and reading the contours of the struggles in South Africa, where he first started.his.civil disobedience, through the work of Nadine Gardimer.

The rich complexity of the characters of Burger’s daughter, the many levels of meanings in the passages, make for the readings -reflection on this Gandhi jayanti

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Narsinh Mehta Prayer sung regularly at Gandhi-ji's prayer meetings..Inscribed at the Northern Gate of Lodhi Gardens -Delhi on occasion of Gandhi Birth Centenary

Narsinh Mehta Prayer sung regularly at Gandhi-ji’s prayer meetings..Inscribed at the Northern Gate of Lodhi Gardens -Delhi on occasion of Gandhi Birth Centenary

Collecting prayers and hymns is a part of many spiritual traditions.

On occassion of Gandhi Jayanti we look back at some of the influences on Gandhi and the prayers which made him weave communities.


Tolstoy’s “Letter to a Hindu” was written in 1908 to Taraknath Das and implored Indians to use love as the means to fight the British in India. Gandhi translated it into Gujarati.(1)

If we do not want the English in India we must pay the price. Tolstoy indicates it.

‘Do not resist evil, but also do not yourselves participate in evil–in the violent deeds of the administration of the law courts, the collection of taxes and, what is more important, of the soldiers, and no one in the world will enslave you’…

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My first 100 spent- Readings from Tolstoy

The strangeness and absurdity of these replies arise from the fact that modern history , like a deaf man, answers questions no one has asked.(Epilogue 2 of War and Peace) We read and discussed excerpts from Leo Tolstoy this week.
.On a lighter note- do you remember the first 100 dollars you spent. This question was sparked by the reflections of the character Levin of Anna Karenina.

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