My first 100 spent- Readings from Tolstoy

The strangeness and absurdity of these replies arise from the fact that modern history , like a deaf man, answers questions no one has asked.(Epilogue 2 of War and Peace) We read and discussed excerpts from Leo Tolstoy this week.
.On a lighter note- do you remember the first 100 dollars you spent. This question was sparked by the reflections of the character Levin of Anna Karenina.

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Intimate links

Father gave the example of a 300 feet high , 4000 years old tree. The roots are intertwined with each other, giving it the strength to stand tall. In conclusion he said we have to receive power from each other.That is the significance of the church.

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Of Books, walks, narratives…on Teacher’s day

Today is Teacher’s Day. Do you practice something from your culture or civilization in your daily life?
How does this practice affect your understanding of life?

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Then I received a unique letter “from yesterday” from an old friend, with whom I used to go for motorcycle rides in Pune, with my parents sometimes chasing us- Where are you off to? Those were the college days – and I was visiting the same streets where I had grown up as a small school boy-studying in Vincent’s , in a very different way.

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The everyday history of immigrants and locals gives different flavors of life in the same place. The Italian families who stayed here in the 19th and earlier part of 20th century have a different orientation than the military families staying at the Wheelus Air Base in 1950s/60s. The local Arabs have a different orientation over generations

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Memories and waiting

In happier times there were many who enjoyed these servings

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On our Independence day-2014-Notes from a Reading journal

Having a framework of going into definitions like Episteme, Newness, Orientalism, Ignorance helps us find ways and tools in which we do not let others speak for us the silenced subalterns. Returning to such a “reading journal” can be a useful exercise in self-reflection.

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